Klix - pay with your phone number

One account for secure online purchases

Fast checkout with Klix

Find Klix logo

Online store need to be Klix partner

Enter your phone number

You will not need to register in online stores

Confirm your purchase in mobile app

You can add several cards to your Klix account and choose one you want to pay with

One account, many purchases

After your first purchase with Klix, you will be able to shop in any of the Klix partner stores with just one click - avoiding lengthy checkout forms and need to remember countless passwords.

Save time

Klix will remember and fill in your personal, delivery and credit card information on your behalf. All you need to do - confirm the purchase with a secure PIN code or fingerprint on your smartphone.

Card data is in safe place

When shopping choose any of your bank cards - Klix will make sure that the seller receives only the transaction, but not your card data.

Klix is a new solution developed in Latvia aiming to become the regions' checkout standard for online shopping. Backed by one of the biggest Baltic banks – Klix guarantees the safety of your personal data and money.

Setting up Klix is easy!

① Download Klix.app. ② Create Klix account and add your payment card. ③ From now on, save time on shopping.