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What is Klix Pay Later?

If you choose to pay with Klix Pay Later at the time of payment, you will be able to purchase the product immediately by repaying the amount in installments or make a full payment during the interest-free refund period in 1, 3 or 6 months. Klix Pay Later provides an opportunity to finance a purchase from Citadele Bank, Lateko Leasing or VIZIA.

Payment in installments


We understand that sometimes paying the full purchase amount at once is a hassle. That's why we created the first financial tool that allows you to complete purchase and receive a loan in a few minutes. In addition, you can select from the offers of several lenders and opt for interest-free repayment terms.


At the time of purchase, you do not pay anything - during the interest-free repayment period, you can repay the purchase amount without overpaying to the lender or pay in installments starting from the next month according to the loan schedule.

The result

You will receive your purchase immediately after confirming the transaction, as one of lenders will pay for the purchase immediately. There is no problem if you want to return the product, because the seller will return the money to the lender and the lender will contact you about the termination / change of the loan agreement.

The technical solution Klix Pay later is provided by JSC “Citadele banka”

You can start applying for a loan if you are an adult resident of Latvia

You will be able to apply for loans with different terms, such as an interest-free repayment option or standard loan terms for different terms

Klix Pay Later payment option can be used for purchases from 50-7000 EUR.

You will need to use a Qualified Smart-ID (QES) or Citadele Internet Bank to connect

For responsible shopping, we will limit the opportunity to borrow no more than € 5,000 in the last 30 days

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Klix partners - lenders

Klix combines the offers of several lenders in one place. Get to know Klix's partner lenders - Citadele, Lateko and Vizia. We care about the security of our customers' personal data, here you can find the privacy policies of Citadele and Klix partners:

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