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Klix solutions Klix solutions

Klix Pay

Simplified card payments

Klix Pay is an internet tool for receiving payment cards which provides the option for users to make payments by card, with or without a Klix account.

Easy shopping

When a customer chooses to pay by card, they can select the card which is linked to the Klix account and save time or pay by card and enter data manually.

Satisfied customers

Klix Pay can be imported into your internet store accounting system to encourage a regular number of buyers that continue to return to you.

Klix solutions Klix solutions

Klix Checkout

What is it?

When customers make purchases at your internet store, they can reduce the purchasing time by selecting the fast payment option, making their payment quickly and securely with Klix.

How does it work?

The Klix Checkout option can be placed on your internet store view, the shopping basket view and in the standard purchasing section to reduce the clicks that a customer must make.

How do I benefit?

Your customers will no longer have to fill in various forms at each internet store – a purchase can be processed within a few seconds without needless stress.

Klix solutions Klix solutions

Klix Pay Later

What is it?

Klix customers can split the purchase amount into monthly payments or make a full repayment within 1, 3 or 6 months without commission.

How does it work?

Increase the number of purchases by providing the opportunity to make installments at a time convenient to the customer with one of Klix's partners - AS “Citadele banka”, SIA
“MoneyCare”, SIA LLC “Vizia finance”.

What is the benefit?

Lower commission compared to others (2.5% for other solutions versus 1.3% for Klix) without additional costs.

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Klix solutions Klix solutions

Fewer unfinished purchases

With Klix, only 2 to 6 steps need to be made at the moment of purchase at the internet store, in place of the usual 12 to 19.

Reduced risks

Payment is received immediately after purchase confirmation – all risks are covered by Klix.

Low commission payment

We offer the lowest commission payment compared to other solutions – 2.5 % for other solutions compared to only 1.3 % for Klix solutions.

Importing it is easy

Importing Klix into your internet store is easy. And it is just as easy to get customer support.

Bank reputation

The Citadele and Klix solution is based on a good reputation and strengthens it.

Confirmed applications

More satisfied cooperation partners also mean more satisfied customers and better sales indicators.

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