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Increase your sales volume by 10-30% by making the shopping experience of your visitors more convenient.

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Up to 80 % of all purchases online are made by unregistered clients.

Up to 69 % of shopping carts are closed before completing the purchase.

Retain buyers

Unregistered users on average have to fill around 20 fields to complete the purchase. This results in 2 out of 3 shopping carts being abandoned. Klix helps to turn client interest into successful sale by replacing lengthy forms with simple confirmation step - using a secure PIN code or finger print.

Expand client base

Every company that implements Klix solution receives access to all Klix users, i.e. shoppers.

Decrease business risks

You can feel safe about purchases your clients do through Klix – you will receive money on the next business day, and Klix will take any risks related to fraudulent transactions and refunds.

Sell through mobile devices

Klix checkout flow is smoothly embedded on your website and doesn't redirect customers to other websites providing your clients with the best shopping experience regardless of the device they use.

Looking for more reasons to join Klix?

Simple integration

Introduce Klix solution in your online store with few steps. After your client has made a purchase, receive the money already on the next day.

Fair pricing

Klix partners don’t have to pay any on-boarding or subscription fees; only competitive commission on transactions done through Klix by their clients.

Constant improvements

We constantly update Klix to improve customer experience and your results. It happens automatically and doesn't require additional resources or involvement from your side.





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