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Eliminate shopping baskets that remain unpurchased.

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2 out of 3 shopping baskets remain unpurchased. Let's change this together.

No more lost customers

Any unnecessary steps during a purchase can risk losing customers. The number of purchases made by your customers at your internet store will only increase with Klix.

No more stressed customers

88 % of customers can remember at least one unpleasant purchase on the internet. Klix helps to reduce the number of steps to make a purchase.

No more unauthorized purchases

People don't want to and are unable to remember the pages for which they have registered. Customers will no longer have to do this with Klix, and you will also know who the buyer is.

What we can promise

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A fully integrated payment system

We are continually developing Klix, to provide an even better purchasing experience and better business results.

Internet bank payments

Allows buyers to pay directly from a bank account. Get status for successful payments right away and start processing order. There is no need to sign contracts and perform technical integration with each bank.

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More on integration?

The installation of Klix is very simple if your Internet store uses one of the major e-commerce platforms. Add the Klix solution to your internet store in just a few steps.

Reasonable fee

Klix partners do not have to pay a subscription fee. The only payment that we apply is a competitive commission on transactions made.

Regular improvements

We are continually improving Klix to ensure a better shopping experience and improved business results.

Simple installation

Klix installation is very simple – the Klix solution can be added to your internet store with plugins in just a few steps.